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Your source for environmentally friendly cloth diapers.

At Munchkin Bums we want to see every baby in cloth diapers.  Our service allows parents to diaper their children in cloth without having to make the investment or having to take the time to care for your cloth diapers!  At Munchkin Bums we do it for you. 

In fact using our service may be even easier to use than disposables!

Each week soft, clean fitted diapers will arrive at your door for approximately the same price as disposables.  On delivery day, place soiled diaper in the pre-arranged location and they will be picked up and replaced with the clean ones. 

All of our products are baby and environmentally friendly.  In fact our laundering processes leave nothing on the diapers, but the cloth!  Therefore it is very unlikely that your baby will have any reactions. 

Munchkin Bums services the following areas: Barrie, Innisfil, Essa and any areas in very close proximity to these locations.

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